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13 January 2016

Solar Powered Airfield Lighting Benefits and Savings - Southampton Airport, United Kingdom

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Steve Thurston, Head of Planning and Development, Southampton Airport speaks about the major benefits and cost savings associated to using the Solar Series Elevated Runway Guard Lights (ERGL's) at Southampton Airport.

Southampton Airport’s vision to become ‘Europe’s leading regional airport’ has provided the motivation for a number of innovate investments in recent years. With a couple of UK firsts amongst the developments, including being the first UK airport to have solar powered LED runway guard lighting, the regional airport with the big ideas is set to continue trend setting in 2012.

Steve Thurston, Head of Planning and Development at Southampton Airport talks about solar powered LED runway guard lights, and the catalytic effect their success has had on the airport’s further development.

As the number of aircraft and vehicle movements increased within the aerodrome over the years, regular reviews of signals, signs and markings were undertaken. In Autumn 2009, Steve and his team began researching options for runway guard lights and were keen to explore the latest technology relating to sustainable products.

“As the lights are 100% solar powered, we’ve been able to minimize the environmental footprint and maintenance costs by using a renewable energy light source. We’ve been able to install them in the more remote areas of the airport, where there is no access to power supplies. This has saved the airport over £170,000 of installation costs to lay electrics to these areas.”

Since 2010, there have been 30+ of the Solar Series Elevated Runway Guard Lights (ERGL) units installed at UK aerodromes such as Southampton and Leeds Bedford Airports.

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