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14 September 2015

Solar Series Runway Guard Lights shipping to Pacific Northwest

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Victoria BC, Canada. 14 September, 2015 --/

Aviation Renewables has received an order to supply multiple units of the Solar Series LED Runway Guard Lights (RGL’s) & Hold Position Lights (HPL’s) to a large industrial customer in the Pacific Northwest. Supplied by its US partner, Flight Light Inc., the Solar Series LED Runway Guard Lights & Hold Position Lights will operate 24/7, greatly increasing safety throughout the airfield for moving vehicles and aircraft. With its self-contained design, the Runway Guard Lights & Hold Position Lights will eliminate the need for conventional power inputs, expensive infrastructure and daily energy costs. Working in coordination with Flight Light Inc. and the end user. Aviation Renewables was able to create a solution that will operate year-round through the challenging Solar conditions present in the Pacific Northwest. The Solar Series LED Runway Guard Lights & Hold Position Lights have proven to perform in the most challenging conditions, and continue to prove themselves at installations worldwide. Aviation Renewables delivers renewable lighting and power solutions to international airports, defense forces, humanitarian aid and private aviation users around the world. For more information, please visit www.aviationrenewables.com

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Solar LED runway guard light

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