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25 August 2021

LED PAPI Systems and Windsock Lighting for Caribbean International Airport

LED PAPI System. Aviation Renewables was tasked with the planning, surveying, installation and commissioning of Solar LED PAPIs and Solar Windsock Lighting (LED Windcones) in Georgetown, Guyana. These visual aids will be used permanently following the completion of a runway extension project. The savings in installation cost, maintenance cost and electricity made the solar LED PAPI the desired option for this gateway to the country.

Cheddi Jagan International Airport, in Georgetown Guyana, is nearing completion of a runway extension project. As part of the project, new lighting was installed during resurfacing of the existing runway. In order to meet cost and sustainability goals for the project, the airport consulted Aviation Renewables on ways to implement ICAO-compliant lighting that would make an impact on both financial savings and the environment.


LED PAPI Lights installed and commissioned in one week

LED PAPI System - The Best Solution

Aviation Renewables installed a solar powered LED PAPI and solar powered LED windcone as part of the permanent visual aids package on the airfield. These two products are fully compliant to ICAO standards, and present significant savings in both energy and carbon emissions.

The LED PAPI has a solar power system that is appropriately sized to power the LED PAPI 24/7, with additional redundancy for extended periods of cloudy weather. With no electrical inputs required, the airport saves a large amount of electricity, but also allows the airport to reduce the number of CCRs and circuits they require. This is a massive reduction in initial cost when compared to a conventionally powered system.

Windsock Lighting - Autonomous Operation

The solar LED windsocks operate autonomously with almost no maintenance required. With an individual solar power system for each windcone, the internal luminaire and obstruction light operate dusk to dawn through an automatic photocell switch. The tilt-pole design allows for easy replacement of the windsock fabric by one person, when required. With no other maintenance or electrical inputs, the Solar LED Windcone will offer long-term savings over a period of 15 years or more.

Aviation Renewables worked with the airport on the initial design layout, and attended the site for surveying, installation, commissioning and training. Over the course of one week, the team was able to complete two Solar LED PAPIs and two Solar LED Windcones, without impacting airport operations.


Windsock Lighting
Windsock Lighting operating with almost no maintenance required

Project Report

View the complete Project Report PDF and find more about Solar LED PAPI Systems and Solar LED Wind Cones here.

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