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09 February 2022

Solar Series LED Wind Cones and iSeries Reflective Airfields Signs Shipping to Africa

Victoria BC, Canada - 3 February, 2022 -/  Aviation Renewables has been awarded multiple contracts to deliver portable rapid-deploy Solar Series LED windcones and iSeries reflective airfield signs for tactical operations in Africa. The contracts are for design, manufacturing and delivery of multiple sets of reflective signs and solar LED windcones in military style transport cases.

The Tactical Solar Series Windcone is a portable windsock specifically designed to support NVG-operations. ICAO-compliant for surface helipads with a cone diameter of 60cm, the windsock is internally lit with both visible and Infrared LED luminaires. The luminaires are individually controllable with manual switches or radio controller to allow covert operations using no visible light. The Solar Series Windcones are transported in 2 milspec cases which can be quickly installed in 10 minutes with 2 persons. The all-aluminum construction and lifetime sealed bearing allow the Solar Series Windcone to be left installed for years on-end without worry of corrosion or maintenance requirements.

The iSeries reflective DRM and taxiway sign kits are retro-reflective collapsible signs that are designed for transportability and durability. Each set of 5 signs is enclosed in a milspec case that is easily lifted and installed by 2 persons. The all-aluminium frames collapse down with quick-release connectors for easy deployment and removal. The customizable sign faces are interchangeable between the sign frames, allowing each sign to be re-deployed to a wide variety of runway and taxiway signage placements. 


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