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Airfield Signs

Airfield Signs


The Solar Series LED internally lighted FAA certified and ICAO compliant airfield signs are the most energy efficient airfield signs in industry, making them ideal for stand alone, solar power units.  Available in Sizes 1-5 for runway edge, taxiway, informational and mandatory guidance sign requirements, the LED airfield signs offer a seamless face design  providing clearer directions for the pilot and safer airfield operations.  Applicable for permanent, portable and emergency applications, the Solar Series LED airfield signs are perfect for remote airfields, forward operating bases or airports which do not have conventional infrastructure readily available or are nearing electrical generating capacity.  Legends can be custom designed with all signs inclusive of frangible mounting accessories for stake or concrete installation.


  • Seamless panel design
  • Renewable green solution
  • Zero Energy & Electrical Infrastructure Costs
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs, no lamps to change or wires to fix
  • Increased Safety
  • Improved visibility
  • NVG Compatible
  • Approach to airports worldwide with added benefits of reduced maintenance, zero energy costs, the elimination of electrical infrastructure


  • Runway Guidance
  • Taxiway Guidance
  • Mandatory Hold Guidance
  • Distance Remaining Markers
  • Arresting Gear Markers

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