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Runway Permanent Reflector

Runway Permanent Reflector


The Medium Intensity Runway Reflector (MIRR) is secured to a molded polyethylene double sided base. The molded polyethylene base will accept the retro-reflective sheath. This option allows for simple and inexpensive upgrading from Medium Intensity to High Intensity. The visibility range of the MIRR is approximately 2-4 NM and, in most cases, outperforms lighting intensities of electrically powered systems. It requires NO electricity and NO ground support.

The MIRR has been designed primarily for night operation in remote and/or unlighted airports or as an excellent backup to existing illuminated airfields. It offers a unique and patented design to allow superior visibility of runway edge, even at extreme distances or angles. The Retro-Reflective Markers are available in different colors or color combinations.



  • Proven visibility range of approximately 2-4 NM
  • Designed primarily for night operation in unlighted or remote heliports or runways
  • Used as an emergency landing system
  • Easy to install, no maintenance or ground support.
  • Safe, durable and efficient in all climates and conditions
  • Available in different colors or color combinations


  • Civil Aviation
  • Commercial Aviation
  • Military
  • Police
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Forestry
  • Oil & Gas Operations

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