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Portable Solar Engine

Portable Solar Engine

Portable Solar Engine


The Solar Series RMS Portable Solar Engine is specifically designed for temporary, emergency or sustaining airfield operations.  The modular and expandable system enables up to 4 RMS engines to be linked together to increase autonomy and operating ability for a variety of airport equipment. The portable RMS is quickly installed by two people, enabling airfield equipment to be operational in minutes.  Designed with portability in mind, the Solar Series Portable RMS is a compact, all-in-one unit with military grade quick-connect cables for rugged durability.


  • Radio frequency control
  • Small, compact, self contained
  • Modular and expandable for increased capability
  • Rugged, military grade connectors
  • Module sizes: 50W, 80W, 120W
  • Quick, easy installation without maintenance
  • Solar panel life expectancy 25 years


  • Threshold Lighting System
  • Wind Cone
  • LED Airfield Signs
  • Helipad Lighting Systems
  • Obstruction Lighting Systems
  • Radio Navigation Beacons
  • Weather Stations
  • Remote Power

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