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Elevated Runway Guard Light

Elevated Runway Guard Light


The Solar Series Elevated Runway Guard Light increases safety at airfield intersections by providing a 24/7 LED warning system for permanent, temporary or portable aircraft and vehicle operations. The unit can be configured with an integrated solar engine or a remotely installed solar engine with installation up to 3 metres from the light housing. The maintenance free, self-contained solar engine comes with frangible mounting accessories and is available with optional radio frequency controller, providing command and control features from an Air Traffic Control tower or remote location.


  • Configureable solar engine allows for self contained or detached installation
  • Standard & Northern Model for higher latititudes or poor solar conditions
  • 120-day autonomy without solar recharge
  • Reliable, self-contained, low cost LED warning system
  • Rugged, self-contained solar engine with replaceable batteries
  • Continuous, 24-hour operation with optional RF control
  • Increases safety at runway, taxiway and vehicle crossings
  • Custom operating and control features with optional on/off external switch
  • Solar engine swivels for optimal solar charging position


  • Permanent installation for commercial, defense and remote airfields
  • Temporary operation during construction, rerouting of taxiways or humanitarian aid
  • 24 hour warning system with RF control for vehicles & groundside operations

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