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Solar Portable Airfield Lighting System

Solar Portable Airfield Lighting System


Complies with:

  • UFC-3-535-01
  • FAA 150/5345-46D
  • NATO STANAG 3534 Type A & B

The Solar Series LED Portable Airfield Lighting System (SSPALS) is a military designed airfield lighting system that provides the ultimate in versatility, portability and performance.  With the highly acclaimed airfield light as its backbone, the Solar Series Portable Airfield Lighting Systems (SSPALS) is capable of continuous operation at medium intensity, non-precision IFR levels. As industry's only Milspec designed, tested and fielded rapid deployment airfield lighting system, the system has triple redundant solar, battery and auxiliary power supplies.  With that capability, the system is able to operate in any climate, worldwide.  An entire 5000' runway system can be provided with military grade trailers capable of storage, transport and powering of the lighting system.


  • Designed, Built and Tested to MIL-STD, NATO, ICAO and FAA specifications
  • Continuous operation at medium intensity levels, supporting non-precision IFR operations
  • Next-generation AvMesh network controls airfield lights with a wireless remote control, operating on Global ISM 2.4 GHz
  • Optional Pilot Activated Control System (PALC) with PC software controls
  • Visible and Infrared, NVG compatible LED lighting
  • Optional APAPI
  • Field maintainable with tools kits


  • Contingency Airfields
  • Humanitarian Mission Support
  • Forward Operating Bases
  • Disaster Relief
  • High Arctic or Antarctic IFR missions

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