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12 April 2021

Reflective Runway Markers Solution at Private Airport for 24/7 Operations

Reflective Runway Markers. Aviation Renewables designed and supplied a refurbishment kit for a runway using Model 324 Reflective Runway Markers. The airport had been using the markers for 2 decades, and needed a specially designed reflective sheath in order to extend the life of the existing markers.

The client is a municipal airport in the U.S.A. Two decades ago, they invested in a reflective marking solution with a Passive Approach Slope Indicator to enable 24/7 operations at their airport. The FAA L853 reflectors were faded after 20 years of being exposed to the sun and were in need of refurbishment. The bases, however, were still in good condition and could remain in place. The airport sought help from Aviation Renewables to design, manufacture and deliver new retroreflective sheaths in order to continue using their existing marker bases having a complete service life for other 15 years.

Reflective Runway Markers Report

View the complete Project Report PDF and find more about Reflective Runway Markers here.

Reflective Runway Markers


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