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22 June 2020

Retro Reflective Edge Light Markers for Taxiway and Runway Lighting

Aviation Renewables supplied the Government of NWT with extra tall 36” highly reflective edge light markers (RELMS) to add visibility to taxiway and runway lights in areas subject to large amounts of collected snow. These snowplow markers have reflective sleeves that are easily replaced when required to ensure long product lifespan. The easily installed reflective markers are a small investment to avoid costly damage of lighting equipment from snowplows.

Retro Reflective Edge Light Markers

Airports with extensive snowfall can be subject to runway and taxiway edge lights being covered in natural snowfall as well as collected snow from plowing. These lights are susceptible to damage from snowplows hitting and damaging the lights. This can add significant maintenance and product replacement costs to the airport’s budget. In extreme cases, the lighting can be rendered non-compliant when a large number of lights are inadvertently damaged by snow plows or other snow-clearing equipment.

View the complete Project Report and find more about Reflective Edge Light Markers click here.

Reflective Edge Light MarkersReflective Edge Light Markers provide day-time and nightime superior visibility avoiding damaged lighting equipment from snowplows

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