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12 May 2021

Solar Series Windsock Lighting for Middle East Defense Operations

Windsock Lighting. Aviation Renewables designed and supplied a solar powered tactical windcone for a military force in the middle east. Through a program of record agreement, multiple batches of these portable, NVG compatible wind direction indicators have been sent in support of mission readiness goals.

Through a capabilities planning exercise, the military force established the need for a portable windsock that meet the following specifications: solar powered, with no external wiring connections, quickly deployed in 10 minutes or less, no ground penetrations, NVG compatible IR LEDs, blackout mode (no visible light emissions), etc. The unit is easily transportable and can be set up quickly by 2 persons. The all-aluminum construction is resistant to hot/humid environmental conditions present in the area. The patented, maintenance-free swivel ensures that very little maintenance is required to keep the units serviceable. A simple battery change every 5-7 years and replacement of the fabric windsock every 2 years is all that is required in normal operations, and the windcones have an expected service life of 25 years.

Windsock Lighting Report

View the complete Project Report PDF and find more about Windsock Lighting here.

Windsock Lighting for Middle East Defense Operations

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