Cost Savings

Aviation Renewables endeavours to save clients’ money without compromising the solution. You can trust Aviation Renewables to do an in depth analysis of your site to ensure our recommendation not only meets your budget but also works with your site parameters, site logistics, potential expansion plans, and most importantly meets your expectations.

With 2 decades of experience in the industry we have an excellent understanding on the scope of aviation products to reduce electricity consumption and therefore save money. This ranges from solar powered LED PAPIs that are essentially maintenance free and do not require high priced labour to trench miles of cable, to LED apron lighting that far out performs old-style power-hungry fixtures, to facility grid tie solutions that offset your buildings electrical load and help reduce your carbon footprint.

Our familiarity with airports and heliports around the world provides us with an excellent handle on what is required to reduce installation costs and basically eliminate maintenance costs for simple or challenging projects. Our team has traversed the globe and worked on installations that span solar powered LED PAPIs in the South Pacific, defence projects in the Middle East and Africa, outfitting full airfields on remote islands in the Caribbean, to portable runway lighting for airfields in northern Canada. We are in regular contact with pilots, ATC, management, and maintenance crews. We know what works, what people like, what is a waste of time and what will save money.