Solar LED Airfield Lighting System Supplied to a Mine in Africa


Solar LED Airfield Lighting System Supplied to a Mine in Africa

Aviation Renewables, a leading manufacturer and system integrator of solar powered LED airfield lighting solutions, announced today that it has been awarded a contract to supply Solar Powered PAPI systems and solar runway lighting to a mine site in West Africa.

Solar LED Airfield Lighting Supplied by Aviation Renewables

The Solar Powered PAPI systems are designed to provide precise visual guidance to pilots during landing, while the solar runway lighting systems are designed to provide reliable illumination for runway edges, thresholds and ends. Both systems are compliant with ICAO and FAA standards and can be operated remotely via wireless control. A dusk-to-dawn wind direction indicator is included in the project, and will be powered using solar as well. This Solar Series Permanent Airfield Windcone mounts to a single concrete foundation, allowing it to install quickly and easily in just a few hours.

Benefits of the LED Airfield Lighting Systems

The systems will be installed at a remote mine site in West Africa, where grid power is unavailable or unreliable. The solar power will ensure the highest availability and lowest operational costs of the airfield lighting, while also reducing the environmental impact and carbon footprint of the mine site.

In addition to the solar powered visual aids, a set of reflective taxiway markers will be installed to mark the edges of the taxiway and apron areas. These retro-reflective markers have a micro-prismatic reflective sleeve that is easily replaceable in the field, which significantly reduces the effort and waste versus replacing the entire marker assembly when the reflective material undergoes UV-fading.

Soler LED Wind Cone Supplied by Aviation Renewables

Aviation Renewables will travel to the mine site to oversee the installation of these products. The entire system will be installed in 3 days, including commissioning of the systems and training of the on site operations and maintenance staff.

Aviation Renewables has been delivering world-leading products and turn-key services to airports and helipads globally since 2008, with a focus on cost savings, innovative safety, and lifetime support. For more information, check out our Project Reports.

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