Reflective Taxiway Markers Support Day & Night Operations At Airport

Reflective-Taxiway-Markers-Support-Day-Night-Operations-at -Caribbean-Airport

Reflective Taxiway Markers Support Day & Night Operations At Airport

Application: Taxiway Marking System for 24/7 Operations


  • Retroreflective Taxiway Markers – Model iSeries 600-2T


Location: Bahamas

Date: 2022


Aviation Renewables supplied retroreflective taxiway edge light markers for use at a large international airport in the Bahamas. The markers offer an ideal complement to the solar runway lighting, at a fraction of the cost.


The Bahamian Airport has been in the process of rebuilding after suffering catastrophic damage from a Hurricane in 2019. The existing electrical infrastructure for airfield ground lighting (AGL) was inundated by seawater and destroyed. As part of the rebuilding process, the airport elected to use Solar Runway Edge lighting. These self-contained lights were installed at a lower cost than conventional lighting and are IP68 waterproof to prevent damage from any future damage from seawater at the low-lying airport. Due to the limited budget that the airport was allocated for re-construction, they were eager to find ways to save money while still offering a fully ICAO-compliant lighting system for night operations.


Aviation Renewables manufactured and supplied iSeries 600-2T taxiway markers for this project. The 600-2T meets ICAO standards for taxiway edge markers and allows airports to be compliant while working within limited budgets.

The 600-2T is the only taxiway marker on in the industry to feature a replaceable reflective sleeve, making it simple to restore the reflectivity of the unit without disposing of the entire structure. The micro-prismatic reflectivity is visible from over 1km at night, giving clear guidance to pilots.

Given the challenging salt-laden environment, the marker was shipped with a unique CPVC flange which will prevent corrosion. The markers can be affixed to concrete with expansion anchors, secured to soil using spikes, or mounted to threaded stakes. The versatility, durability and low cost of this solution made it an ideal fit for this project.

View the complete Project Report and find more about Reflective Taxiway Markers here.

Reflective Taxiway Marker
Reflective Taxiway Markers Manufactured and Supplied by Aviation Renewables
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