Complies with:

  • ISO Certificate: 2017-0065645
  • QAR Certificate: GB/ITS/QAR17.0013/00


The iSeries Portable Airfield Lighting System is designed for quick and easy deployment of battery airfield lights. Ideal for military, police, airport operators, humanitarian disaster, and medevac situations. The trailer can store 72 lights and comes with an integrated drop-in to charge system, keeping your lights charged in an optimum state and ready for use. A standart 72 light Portable runway kit can deploy up to 3500m of temporary runway.

The Portable Runway Lighting Kit comes with 72 portable lights in all requested light colors and applications. The lights can be operated with the built-in remote in the trailer its console, or manually on the portable lights. The Portable Runway Lighting Kit is self-contained, integrated, and designed for rapid recharge. The Portable Runway Lighting Kit is optimized for air-cargo transportation and can be mounted behind any vehicle.


  • All-in-one portable battery operated airfield lighting system
  • 72 lights with an integrated charging system
  • Runway configuration up to 3500 meter
  • Heavy-duty trailer design for transportation and storage
  • In-trailer charging system for all lights when in storage
  • Complete wireless control of airfield lighting once deployed
  • Customisable lighting configurations available to suit various applications
  • Optional Infrared (IR) Mode, illumination invisible to the naked eye to support enhanced vision and NVG operation
  • Variety of colours and specific branding available
  • Optimized for air-cargo transportation and can be attached behind any vehicle
  • Other trailer configurations available on request


  • Contingency Airfields
  • Humanitarian Mission Support
  • Forward Operating Bases
  • Disaster Relief
  • Medevac