Control and Monitoring

Control and Monitoring

Complies with:

  • ICAO & FAA


The successful installation of your LED apron or parking lot lighting solution is by no means the end of the project. To us, it marks the beginning of a long-term commitment to ensure your peace of mind and substantial economic savings with the most trouble-free LED apron Control and Monitoring solution possible.  Integrating the optional Control and Monitoring system delivers the peace of mind that comes with knowing the lighting system is being managed efficiently and effectively.  The Control and Monitoring system works with both new LED apron lighting installations and retrofit installations using either Wi-Fi, push button or power line control.

With the optional Control and Monitoring package your facility is supported 24/7.  If a problem does arise, we’ll probably know it before you do.

The Control and Monitoring system allows you to simply and conveniently enter scheduling information, as well as control/monitor your LED apron lighting from anywhere, at any time by using the mobile app on your smart phone, or via the website, or by direct contact with the support team via phone or email.  This allows ATC the ability to adjust LED apron lighting brightness for either operating intensity or security intensity.  In LED parking lot lighting applications, the Control and Monitoring system allows you to control individual poles which greatly reduces power consumption by reducing brightness to areas that are not in use.

The Control and Monitoring system has a reliable support team that is proactively managing your LED apron lighting system at all times and there to assist with scheduling, monitor for outages, troubleshoot problems and to provide customer training.

The Control and Monitoring system maximizes efficiency and in turn reduces energy consumption and operating costs.


  • Sett individual zones throughout the apron, security and parking areas
  • On demand gate control from ATC tower or electrical room
  • Pre-set ICAO compliant high intensity operating times
  • Photocell control for on/off operating times
  • On demand push button control for individual pole operating profiles

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