LED Parking Lot Lighting

LED Parking Lot Lighting

Complies with:

  • UL 1598 & CSA C22.2 No.250.0-08 standard for Luminaires
  • UL 8750 standard for Light Emitting Diode (Led) Equipment
  • IES RP37-20



Every transportation and infrastructure lighting project brings its own set of challenges.  Aviation Renewables will work closely with your team to understand the airports specific needs to design a customized solution ensuring the highest quality of LED light, precise control, energy efficiency, and the safest environment possible.  The LED Airport Parking & Security Lighting System is turnkey, incorporating all lighting, structural, and electrical components in order to provide the most reliable, safe and compliant design standard as the most cost effective system in the industry.

There are special requirements regarding fixed outdoor LED airport parking lot lighting in and around the airport environment. Some of the main requirements to be considered in the airport environment are height of the LED parking lot lighting system, the ability to distinguish colour of light for visual clues, ensuring light trespass is minimal and making sure LED apron lighting or parking lot lighting does not interfere with ATC or pilots.

The LED Airport Parking Lot Lighting System meets recommendations included in IES design standard RP-37-15 for landside access roads and parking areas. Meeting IES RP-37-15 criteria ensures that not only is there no light uplift or glare for ATCT or pilots but also that safety and security of the pedestrians and vehicles is not compromised.  Travellers using the parking facility have a safe, bright experience with eliminated dark areas. Nearby drivers are not distracted by glare as a result of the system’s patented visoring around the fixtures and light control technology.  The use of LED fixtures reduces energy consumption compared to typical metal halide equipment and the long term 10 year warranty on all parts and labour ensures there are no costs involved for service/maintenance for the following decade.


  • Staff Parking Lots
  • Bus Terminals/Hotel Shuttle Areas
  • Passenger Parking
  • Security Zones

Case Studies

Our Team has a proven track record of completing airport development projects on time and on budget. Below are same of our projects where we made a difference. Contact Us to know more.