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Since 2008, Aviation Renewables has delivered high-quality runway lighting, helipad lighting and aerodrome reflective markers to customers around the world. We are a primary manufacturer and system integrator specializing in lighting runways and helipads where electricity is expensive, unreliable or non-existent.

We work with civilian and military operators around the world.

Our mission to provide safe, reliable and cost-effective visual aids to airports globally.  We strive to have a positive impact on the environment and standard of living in the areas we operate.

Our team brings a wealth of knowledge in the industry; with pilots, engineers and solar-industry veterans counted among our staff.  This incredible body of experience allows us to work with each individual client to ensure aviation requirements are met within budget and infrastructure limitations.






Global Partners


Innovative Products



A full complement of renewable power and lighting solutions uniquely tailored for permanent, portable, emergency and sustaining operations.


Our team has over 50 years of collective experience in aviation renewable and power technologies. We are the industry leader throughout the field.


As a turn key integrator, we lead the industry with the highest number of solar powered & autonomous airfields, helipads and obstructions installed.


Airfields, Helipads, Portable and Obstruction Lighting solutions installed and commissioned to ICAO, FAA, NATO and civil aviation regulations.


Our teams provides technical, operational, maintenance and product support in English, Spanish, French, Mandarin and Portuguese languages.


7 day a week customer service including onsite, video, telecon and email support with more than 600 installations supported since 2008.

Reduce Costs

Our Solar-Powered LED Systems require a fraction of the maintenance of traditional systems, meaning less man-hours and replacement costs.

Complete Systems

Aviation Renewables works with clients from early-stage concept development right through to installation. We are a hands-on company that takes pride in building customized packages for every client.


Aviation Renewables is the premier solar-power and LED aviation lighting expert internationally.  We work as an integrator building runway lighting, helipad lighting, reflective marking solutions and renewable power systems for a wide range of clients.  We work with government, private sector, civil, military and humanitarian interests around the world.

Our goal is to get the best product in each customer’s hands, based upon their specific requirements.  Rather than using a standard template for every new aviation lighting or power request, we consult with our clients to determine exactly what is needed, then work with our global supply chain to build a completely customized package.

Our team will work hands-on throughout the development, installation and commissioning of every project, acting on behalf of each individual client to ensure all aviation requirements are met by providing innovative solutions to every challenge.

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