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07 July 2020

Portable Airfield Lighting is Ideal for Unexpected Emergency Situations

Portable Airfield Lighting. Aviation Renewables has been awarded a contract to supply, deliver and commission two portable LED airfield lighting systems for a central East African Civil Aviation Department. Each portable LED airfield lighting system will consist of LED runway lighting, LED threshold lighting, LED taxiway lighting, LED REILs (Runway End Identifier Lights), LED PAPIs and remote control operating systems. The lights will be housed in portable trailers, which will charge, transport and store the portable LED runway lighting system. In addition to supplying portable LED airfield lighting, Aviation Renewables will be on-site to conduct technical training and commissioning for the civil aviation department personnel and airport operators in order to ensure safe operations, proper system deployment and routine maintenance schedules over the duration of the contract.

Portable Airfield Lighting

At the completion of a factory acceptance test, delivery of each portable LED airfield lighting system will allow for the East African Civil Aviation Authority to provide pilot training for day and night landing and take off operations. In addition, the Civil Aviation Authority will retain the ability to respond to unforeseen emergency situations such as electrical power failures, natural disasters and necessary maintenance requirements such as construction works, electrical airfield ground lighting maintenance, secondary back up runway lighting or training exercises.

The portable nature of the LED runway lighting system and the LED PAPI provides maximum flexibility for the client. 

  • The portable LED PAPI can be used to quickly displace a threshold when maintenance activities or temporary obstructions are present.

  • The portable lighting on a street-legal trailer can easily be towed to a different airport should the need arise.

Having the portable LED lighting system in the management network will increase the reliability of all airports, not just the airport at which the lights are stored.

View the complete Project Report and find more about Portable LED Airfield Lighting here.

Portable Airfield Lighting
Portable Airfield Lighting gives the ability to respond to unexpected emergency situations

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