Grid-Tie Solar

Aviation Renewables provides custom designed renewable energy solutions for airports, aviation facilities and remote forward operating bases.  Our in-house engineering team works efficiently and effectively to assist clients in meeting their goals including: budget, ROI, carbon emission reductions, system performance, system reliability, safety, longevity and customer satisfaction.

Grid-Tie Solar Products

Our Design Process

Our Team includes Canada’s leading solar power engineers.  Our focus is to present clear information in an affordable way, so airports can make informed decisions about the best way to pursue renewable power generation.

Preliminary Assessment

  • Review site location and plans to recommend ground mount or roof mount
  • Review electrical diagrams and hourly load profiles
  • Recommend size of solar array based on utility, municipal and safety authority guidelines
  • Estimate Solar Generation and Installation costs
  • The Preliminary Assessment won’t be enough to provide a full Return on Investment calculation, but will provide enough information to decision makers on whether to proceed with the next step.


Preliminary Design

  • Site Plan, single line drawings
  • Specifications for equipment, using commonly used equipment for similar installations
  • Review electrical equipment for capacity constraints and connection options
  • Deliverables allow progression to the Utility Study


Utility Study

  • We work directly with the Utility company to complete the integration study
  • Commonly includes site plan, single line drawings, specifications and protection philosophy


Site Analysis

  • The first site visit by technical staff
  • A detailed inspection of proposed installation site (either ground mount or roof mount)
  • Report includes equipment location diagrams with photo library for discussion


Final Study

  • Manufacturer and Component Selection based on criteria discussed with client
  • Performance and Shade Report
  • Work Plan
  • Budget
  • Return on Investment Calculation


Additional Services

  • We can provide additional services after the Final Study, as requested by the client.
  • Services can include construction drawings, tender and/or RFP preparation, purchase consulting
  • Geotechnical services can be provided if needed for ground mount solar farms
  • Commissioning and Site Acceptance Testing

Grid-Tie Solar Products