Airfield Solar Power

Airfield Solar Power

The Solar Series Airfield Solar Power System is industry’s most installed off grid power system across six major continents supporting a wide variety of LED airfield lighting and power applications designed for use on airfields. Capable of powering almost any piece of equipment, each system is custom designed to suit the environmental climate of the airfield and the power requirements of the specific LED airfield lighting equipment.

Understanding the operating profiles for day and night aircraft movements dictates the level of battery autonomy specified within each airfield solar power system when powering LED runway lighting, LED PAPI lighting, LED APAPI systems, LED approach lighting and LED airfield signage. The low-profile design and frangible mounts ensure that airfield safety is the first priority. Optional airfield solar power capabilities include: hybrid back up power generator charging, electrical mains back up power charging and remote control and monitoring capabilities for on demand use.  When reliable, standalone power is required, the Solar Series Airfield Solar Power System is the first choice for airfield installations.


  • Permanent installation for commercial, defense and remote airfields
  • Temporary operation during construction or humanitarian aid
  • Remote off-grid operation


  • LED Runway Lighting
  • LED Threshold Lighting
  • LED Airfield Signs
  • LED Approach Lighting
  • Radio Navigational Beacons
  • LED Helipad Lighting Systems
  • Weather Stations
  • Cameras
  • Remote Power

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