Solar Engine

Solar Engine

Complies with:

  • UL Listed as a complete system

The Solar Series RMS Frangible Solar Engine offers the utmost in simplicity and safety. Designed for airfields, the smart design of the RMS provides a frangible solution that withstands jet blast, can be used for permanent, portable or temporary solutions and eliminates the need for trenching or wiring. The simple, easy-to-use design enables the Solar Series RMS Solar Engine to be used with a variety of equipment, both on and off the airfield including LED PAPIs, portable LED PAPIs, LED Wind Cones and LED Windsocks, LED airfield signs, LED runway lighting, LED helipad lighting and LED obstruction lighting.  Backed by an industry leading 5 year warranty, the Solar Series RMS Frangible Solar Engine is UL listed, capable of operating up to 4 solar engines using MILSPEC quick connector plugs and custom designed to meet individual operating profiles.  With user replaceable batteries, the Solar Series RMS Frangible Solar Engine delivers reliable, industry proven performance for civil, military and humanitarian aid operations in 50 watt, 80 watt and 120 watt solar engine profiles.

  • UL Listed as a complete system
  • Radio frequency controller
  • Small, compact, self contained
  • Frangible mount designed for airfield operations
  • Module sizes: 50W, 80W & 120W
  • Quick & easy installation and almost no maintenance
  • Solar panel life expectancy of 25 year


  • Threshold Lighting System
  • Wind Cone
  • LED Airfield Signs
  • Helipad Lighting Systems
  • Obstruction Lighting Systems
  • Radio Navigation Beacons
  • Weather Stations
  • Remote Power