Portable Airfield Signs

Portable Airfield Signs

Complies with:

  • Compliant to ICAO Annex 14


The iSeries Portable Airfield Signs are industry’s most proven tactical airfield marking solution for retro reflective, nighttime illuminated and daytime operations. The single or dual face retro-reflective signage provides superior visibility while providing maximum portability. Both the taxiway identification signs and the distance to go signs are packaged and transported in a heavy duty military style carrying case for rapid deployment.  Signs can be custom made or ordered to FAA Size 4 or Size 5 dimensions with spring loaded base mounting designed to withstand jet blast and rotor wash.

The sign face is constructed using a durable dual layer aluminum sign board which provides strength and rigidity while minimizing weight and size. Sign faces can be easily interchanged in any format to meet the specific needs of the user, whether informational signs, mandatory instruction signs or distance remaining markers. The marking signs require zero maintenance, no electricity costs or infrastructure and can be easily stored, transported and deployed at anytime. Optional solar lighting kits can be equipped with each sign for either visible or infrared operations.


  • Portable
  • Highly Visible
  • Omnidirectional
  • Frangible and Durable
  • Easy to install, no maintenance or ground support
  • Safe, durable and efficient in all climates and conditions
  • Heavy duty military carrying case included
  • Optional solar lighting kits for nighttime operations


  • Runway Guidance
  • Taxiway Guidance
  • Mandatory Hold Guidance
  • Distance Remaining Markers
  • Arresting Gear Markers

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