Bent Bracket RELM

Bent Bracket RELM

The iSeries Bent Bracket ‘Type B” Reflective Edge Light Markers (RELM) attaches to the set screw on runway edge lights, taxiway lights, threshold lights and other airfield ground lights. The iSeries snow plow markers are designed to provide superior visibility, day or night and use stainless steel brackets and springs for long term durability.  The reflective sleeve is made from a prismatic retro-reflective fluorescent PVC material on its full length, the fluorescent colour provides day and night visibility.

The polyethylene tube is covered with a UV stabilized, fade resistant, retroreflective microprismatic fluorescent sleeve (available in a variety of colours – blue, orange, red, yellow, green, white) which is fastened by means of a tie to prevent even minimal slippage due to extreme wind velocities or jet blasts.

Aviation Renewables has provided tens of thousands of RELMs to clients around the world for defence and civilian airfield operations with RELMs in use for over 25 years on all major continents.


  • Highly Visible
  • Replaceable Sleeve
  • Omnidirectional Visibility
  • Easy to install, no maintenance
  • Safe, durable and efficient in all climates and conditions


  • Delineate Runways, Taxiways & Helipads
  • Snow Plow Markers
  • Mark Hazards
  • Civil Aviation
  • Commercial Aviation
  • Military


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