Reflective Arfield Signs

Reflective Arfield Signs

Complies with:

  • FAA AC 150/5340-18


The iSeries Reflective Airfield Signs are designed for use on airport runways to mark taxi routes and taxiways/runways intersections. The iSeries Airfield Signs are proven airfield marking solution for retro reflective, illuminated and daytime operations. The face retro-reflective signage provides superior visibility while providing maximum portability. Both the taxiway identification signs and the distance to go signs are packaged and transported in a heavy duty style carrying case for rapid deployment.

The sign face could be single or double, is constructed using a durable layer aluminum sign board which provides strength and rigidity while minimizing weight and size. Sign faces can be easily interchanged in any format to meet the specific needs of the user, whether informational signs, mandatory instruction signs or distance remaining markers.


  • Efficient, highly reflective visibility for day and night operations
  • Zero electricity costs, no infrastructure, no maintenance and long service life
  • Delivers reliable operations
  • All hardware is aluminum and stainless steel
  • Design allows for rapid deployment and transportation
  • Signs are self supporting and secure easily into the ground
  • Designed for DRMs, hold position signs, taxiway indicators and apron way finding signs


  • Civil Aviation
  • Commercial Aviation
  • Military
  • Industrial – Mining, Forestry, Oil & Gas

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