Retro Reflective Helipad Marking System Operating at Canadian Mine


Retro Reflective Helipad Marking System Operating at Canadian Mine

Application: Reflective Helipad Marking System


  • Retro Reflective Helipad Markers
  • Solar LED Helipad Lighting


Location: Canada

Date: 2019


Aviation Renewables delivered a retro reflective helipad marking system for a mine site in Canada. The versatile system will allow the helipad to receive MEDEVAC helicopters in the event of an emergency. The system exceeds the requirements of the helicopter operator, and consists of reflective helipad marker cones, and autonomous solar lighting.


As part of their Emergency Response Plan, the mine had a need for a reflective helipad markers in order to be a certified landing zone for MEDEVAC helicopters. The equipment needed to be compliant to the Helicopter Operator’s standards, and be built to withstand the harsh environmental conditions in Northern Canada. The client worked with Aviation Renewables to design a system that would exceed the requirements, by including additional Solar LED helipad lighting for added conspicuity.


Aviation Renewables was able to supply a retro reflective helipad lighting system with Solar LED Lighting. The micro-prismatic retro-reflective panels on the helipad markers are highly visible for approaching helicopters, and are visible by 4 miles in both Visible and Night Vision conditions. The passive markers not only require zero maintenance, but are also of little value to potential thieves. Being in rural undeveloped territory, the risk of theft is significant for any valuable technology. The reflective helipad markers and lights are firmly secured to the ground with stakes, and are able to withstand rotor downwash and tough climactic conditions. As a result of the installation, the mine was able pass the operator’s audit. They are now able to rely on emergency medical evacuation at any time, day or night.

View the complete Project Report and find more about Reflective Helipad Markers here.

Retro Reflective Helipad Marking System able for MEDEVAC operations
Reflective Helipad Marking System Manufactured and Delivered by Aviation Renewables
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