Reflective Sleeve

Reflective Sleeve

The easily replaceable iSeries Reflective Sleeve has been designed to provide superior visibility, day or night, to all types of runways, taxiway and helipad lights. The bright, full length, retro-reflective fluorescent colour allows extreme daytime visibility while assuring reflectiveness quality during night time operations to enable the end user clear visibility of each location desired at extreme distances.

Compared to alternative solutions, the iSeries replaceable reflective sleeve provides airport operators decades of service from a single Runway Edge Lighting Marker (RELM) purchase.


  • Easily retrofit in seconds
  • 2-4 year service life
  • Visible from 800m
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Reflective sleeves dramatically reduce damage from snowplows, when compared to flag


  • Delineate Runways, Taxiways & Helipads
  • Snow Plow Markers
  • Mark Hazards
  • Civil Aviation
  • Commercial Aviation
  • Military


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