Retro Reflective Edge Light Markers for Taxiway and Runway Lighting


Retro Reflective Edge Light Markers for Taxiway and Runway Lighting

Application: Retro Reflective Edge Light Markers for Taxiway & Runway Lighting


  • Snow Plow Marker
  • 1200-36-B-ORANGE RELM


Location: Northwest Territories, Canada

Date: 2020


Aviation Renewables supplied the Government of NWT with extra tall 36” highly reflective edge light markers (RELMS) to add visibility to taxiway and runway lights in areas subject to large amounts of collected snow. These snow plow markers have reflective sleeves that are easily replaced when required to ensure long product lifespan. The easily installed reflective markers are a small investment to avoid costly damage of lighting equipment from snowplows.


Airports with extensive snowfall can be subject to runway and taxiway edge lights being covered in natural snowfall as well as collected snow from plowing. These lights are susceptible to damage from snowplows hitting and damaging the lights. This can add significant maintenance and product replacement costs to the airport’s budget. In extreme cases, the lighting can be rendered non-compliant when a large number of lights are inadvertently damaged by snow plows or other snow-clearing equipment.


The airport operators contacted Aviation Renewables with a need for a simple, reliable, robust and low-cost solution for marking their runway and taxiway lights. This was achieved with the 1200-36-B-Orange RELM. The reflective edge light markers (RELM) are easily installed on the set screws of most models of elevated edge lights, and provide exceptional guidance to snowplow operators, both day and night. They are available in 3 different lengths 18”, 24” and 36”, which allows airports to select for their expected snow depth and snow- clearing equipment specifications. The removable and replaceable sheath is made out of micro prismatic sheeting which is tough, flexible and UV stabilized vinyl plastic product. The sleeve’s cube-corner prisms are approximately 3 times more efficient at returning light to its source than glass bead systems. They produce exceptionally bright reflections at both long and short distances which ensures the RELM appears optimally bright at the critical viewing distance of 100 to 600 feet. The internal construction consists of a high grade polyethylene tube, stainless steel spring-loaded attachment at the base and mounted with heavy duty stainless steel bracket (flat or bent) to ensure compatibility with virtually all runway lighting manufacture’s fixtures.

View the complete Project Report and find more about Reflective Edge Light Markers here.

Reflective Edge Light Markers
Reflective Edge Light Markers (RELMs) Supplied by Aviation Renewables
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