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Hold Position Light

Hold Position Light


Complies with:

  • ICAO Annex 14 5.3.28

The Solar Series Hold Position Light (HPL) is used to enhance the visibility of taxiway holding positions, preventing unnecessary taxiway and runway incursions and warning pilots they are approaching an active runway. Designed for permanent, temporary or portable operations, the Solar Series HPL provides savings in both installation costs and electricity expenses.


  • Configurable solar engine allows for self contained or detached installation
  • Standard & Northern Model for higher latititudes or poor solar conditions
  • 120-day autonomy without solar recharge
  • Reliable, self-contained, low cost LED warning system
  • Rugged, self-contained solar engine with replaceable batteries
  • Continuous, 24-hour operation with optional RF control
  • Increases safety at runway, taxiway and vehicle crossings
  • Custom operating and control features with optional on/off external switch
  • Solar engine swivels for optimal solar charging position


  • Permanent installation for commercial, defense and remote airfields
  • Temporary operation during construction, rerouting of taxiways or humanitarian aid
  • 24 hour warning system with RF control for vehicles & groundside operations

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