Solar Series Elevated Runway Guard Lights (ERGL) Supplied to US Air Base


Solar Series Elevated Runway Guard Lights (ERGL) Supplied to US Air Base

Application: Runway and Taxiway Incursion Prevention


  • Solar Series LED Elevated Runway Guard Light


Location: Holloman Air Base, New Mexico, USA

Date: 2011-2017


Aviation Renewables in partnership with Flight Light Inc. and JSF Technologies, has supplied a total of 39 Solar Series Elevated Runway Guard Lights (ERGL) to a US Air Base, in support of USAF airfield operations. The Solar Series ERGL is a self-contained, self-charging, power free, cost efficient solution, requiring minimal installation and maintenance. The Solar Series ERGL offers a quick and effective solution to airfields, in support of efforts to prevent unnecessary runway incursions and over-all airfield safety.


In 2011, the USAF began airfield safety upgrades at Holloman Air Base in New Mexico, USA, which included runway incursion prevention. The challenge was to meet the necessary airfield lighting upgrades with budget and time constraints. Conventional power inputs and infrastructure proved to be a prohibitively expensive option, as a result, the USAF looked to Flight Light and Aviation Renewables for help recommending alternative airfield lighting solutions to meet their needs.


The Solar Series LED Elevated Guard Light (ERGL), manufactured in North America, was selected as the ideal product to lend the desired margin of safety to runway intersections. With the units proven and installed by military and civilian airfields globally, the USAF was confident that the Solar Series ERGL would meet their needs and requirements. With no power require- ments and minimal installation costs, the convenience and cost savings were the deciding factor. The first installations were made in 2011, and have resulted in several repeat orders from the same base. There are presently a total of 39 units operating flawlessly.

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LED Runway Lighting offer a quick and effective solution to prevent unnecessary runway incursions
Elevated Runway Guard Lighting Supplied by Aviation Renewables
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