Portable LED Airfield Lighting Delivered to Africa by Aviation Renewables

Portable LED Airfield Lighting Delivered to Africa by Aviation Renewables

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Victoria BC, Canada. 8 December, 2017 –/

Aviation Renewables has delivered two custom designed Portable Airfield Lighting Systems to airport operators in Africa. Each system included: Battery Powered Runway Edge, Threshold and Approach Lights, Battery Powered LED PAPIs, iSeries Solar Powered LED Portable Wind Cones, Solar Series Powered Portable LED Elevated Runway Guard Lights, Retro-reflective Portable Airfield Signs and Taxiway Markers, all housed, charged and transported in Modular Trailers.

Portable airfield lighting Solar Series LED wind cone installed

Portable Airfield Lighting Systems Designed, Installed and Commissioned

The Civil Aviation Authority and Air Traffic Control Authority looked to Aviation Renewables to help design and supply two portable airfield lighting systems to be kept on hand and deployed in the event of mass power failure or outages. As an important national election neared, preparations were needed for increased traffic at major airports throughout the country. The portable airfield lighting system mitigates the risk of interruptions during this crucial time.

Aviation Renewables designed two complete Portable Airfield Lighting Systems to meet the operational demands. The system meets ICAO safety requirements and the financial budget set forth by the client. The end result is a portable LED airfield lighting system that is easily transported in modular units to the various locations around the country as required.

The Solar Series LED PAPI most installed in the industry

The Portable LED PAPI system is an ICAO compliant 4-box PAPI system. A trained user can easily install and calibrate each LED PAPI system in a matter of minutes at large international airports, defense airfields or remote airstrips: Any runway where approach slope guidance is required.

Portable airfield lighting installed in Africa by Aviation Renewables

The Portable Solar Series LED Elevated Runway Guard Lights are a self-contained portable unit that complies with ICAO low intensity ERGL specifications. The unit weighs less than 30kg and is deployed in minutes, with a simple on/off selection. The integrated solar panel keeps the unit operating indefinitely, even in some of the world’s toughest climates.

The Portable LED Threshold and Runway Lighting take advantage of the latest in LED developments and offer run-times as long as 400 hours on a single charge. The recharging trailer stores, transports and recharges the lights when not in use. A full recharge of the lights can be accomplished in 8 hours, meaning the lights can be collected in the morning and deployed in the evening, effectively giving continuous night-time use at FAA Medium intensity or ICAO VFR runway lighting levels.

For more information about portable airfield lighting, please visit www.aviationrenewables.eco.

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