Portable CVOR / DME

Portable CVOR / DME

The Portable CVOR/DME is a proposed system compliant to all applicable ICAO recommendations. The system consists of an air-conditioned ruggedized shelter mounted on a dual axle heavy duty trailer. The system is equipped with electrical distribution, DVOR Counterpoise, DVOR Alford Loop Antenna Array, Tunable RF Bridge, DME and DME antenna.

The system derives its emergency power from an integral single electric generating system and can be transported by road and by air, with or without the trailer. It is rugged and designed to operate in extreme temperatures and wind conditions.


  • The steel structure frame and all the reinforcements allow the system to fulfil all operational requirements
  • The floor it is totally covered using cortex steel (designation W, UNE‐EN 10025‐5)
  • The frame of the container it is manufactured using steel EN 10025‐S235JR‐ or DINI71 00‐St37‐2
  • The container has two different areas, technical area (equipment’s room) and electrical area (generator’s room)
  • The design of the container it is done based in a elevation manual system
  • The container it is to support a radar/navaid system including an antenna,
    server, UPS and power supply generator
  • Outdoor installation: Counterpoise system & Pre‐installation of supports for auxiliary elements: radio link, air conditioning equipment, antennas, etc.
  • Indoor installation: Electrical pre‐installation with integrated lighting, power suppliers and
    communication ports; damping system, installation of folding table and transits for cabling

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