Automated Weather Observing System

Automated Weather Observing System

The AWOS systems are designed for small, medium, large and multi-runway airports. The sensors and systems meet the stringent requirements of the FAA and ICAO. With this design base, is easily able to adapt and customize the AWOS system to meet any local requirements and or specifications.

The AWOS system is run with the MetObserver aviation reporting software package. The MetObserver display and reporting package contains features and functions for extremely configurable displays and has virtually every required aviation report currently available. The system also has features to create custom reports when needed.

The sensor complement of the AWOS may include any or all of the following

  • Wind Speed / Wind Direction
  • Temperature / Humidity
  • Dew Point
  • Barometric Pressure (QNH, QFE)
  • Visibility (MOR, RVR)
  • Present Weather (Precipitation Identification)
  • Cloud Height and Sky Condition
  • Density Altitude
  • Runway Surface Sensor
  • Solar Radiation
  • Lightning/Thunderstorm Detection


The AWOS supports multiple sensor sites as required for Category I-III B operations. This includes single or multiple position Runway Visual Range (RVR) systems which can be provided utilizing either dual technology forward scatter visibility sensors or standard forward scatter technology.

All AWOS sensors are built with high quality, they meet or exceed the requirements of the ICAO, WMO and the FAA for airport equipment.


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