Remote Weather Advisory Service

Remote Weather Advisory Service


A cloud-based Weather Reporting software solution enables users to view and export data from their environmental sensors with any Internet-connected device, cellular or satellite communications in order to receive status updates, send remote commands, and plot trends from around the world. The Weather Reporting service stores your data using a cloud-based data logger so it is always available, helping prevent lengthy trips into the field where your devices are located. With a clear world map and user-friendly interface, the Weather Reporting software delivers a complete overview of field-emplaced sensors on all seven continents. Users can plot and visualize trends, set notifications for when an environmental threshold is reached, and retrieve images from the sensor site. Security of your devices is achieved via enabling/disabling GPS reporting and by sending alerts when the devices are moved or tampered with, software alerts to desktop or mobile devices.


  • Complete VHF broadcast solution (including software, weather sensor, VHF transmitter and monitoring workstation)
  • Has a flexible design that can be deployed at any runway, flight strip and helipad
  • It is a cost effective solution that requires no hands-on operation.
  • The broadcast license provides the capability to generate continuous RWAS voice broadcasts
  • Its workstation computer provides remote access to system users to monitor the RWAS voice broadcasts
  • The complete RWAS solution includes the required weather sensor and VHF transmitter hardware components
  • Is also able to interface directly with an existing weather sensor and VHF transmitter located at a remote airfield



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