Portable LED Airfield Lighting at Northern Canadian International Airport supplied by Aviation Renewables


Portable LED Airfield Lighting at Northern Canadian International Airport supplied by Aviation Renewables

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Victoria BC, Canada. 6 August, 2018 –/

Aviation Renewables has been awarded a contract to supply portable airfield lighting systems solutions for an international airport in Northern Canada. After careful consultation with the airport management team, a system was designed, shipped and installed within 7 weeks for the runway-resurfacing project on the airport’s primary runway. Aviation Renewables was tasked to deliver LED PAPI systems powered by portable battery systems; threshold LED lighting systems powered by a Solar Series RMS portable charging station; and solar powered LED taxiway lighting. This LED lighting can be controlled via an RF remote control from either the ATC tower or ground personnel; or controlled by photocell for automatic dusk-to-dawn operation.

The airport required a portable LED airfield lighting system during the project to accommodate the various threshold displacements during different stages of the project. The portable threshold lighting and portable 4-box LED PAPI systems are easily picked up and re-located to indicate the new threshold location when required. The solar powered taxiway lighting is used in conjunction with portable battery lighting on the secondary runway. This allows the airport to maintain night operations, even when the primary runway needs to be closed during resurfacing. Incorporating a mix of solar and battery portable lighting will allow the airport maximum flexibility during future operations, especially during the winter when sunlight hours are at a minimum.

Portable LED Runway Lighting Solutions

Aviation Renewables provided onsite assistance during the execution of the runway-resurfacing project to ensure all portable LED airfield lighting and power solutions were functioning properly along with training and maintenance instruction provided to airport personnel. With a turn-around time of less than 7 weeks to deliver and commission a portable LED runway lighting system, Aviation Renewables met the customer’s expectations for safety, compliance, cost savings and long term capability for future portable LED airfield lighting requirements.

The Portable LED runway lighting solutions with battery and solar power technologies for emergency operations and maintenance activities will mitigate this risk of any failure allowing uninterrupted, 24/7 operations to continue even after natural damage to the main runway lighting system. View more on renewable power and lighting solutions, project design and installation or commissioning in portable LED airfield lighting blog information.

Portable LED runway lighting solution installed in Canada by Aviation Renewables
Portable LED runway lighting solution installed by Aviation Renewables
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