Portable Airfield Lighting

Portable Airfield Lighting Products

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The iSeries Portable LED airfield lighting systems use battery power and LED lighting to provide ICAO and FAA Medium Intensity (MIRLs) levels for visible and infrared operations.  The lights can be transported and housed in a charging trailer, ideal for rapid deployment and collection to ensure a safe, reliable LED runway lighting system can operate (within minutes) when needed.

The Solar Series Portable airfield lighting system uses self-contained solar runway lights, LED PAPI systems and LED wind cones that can be operated indefinitely, collecting all the power they need from the sun.  This allows the solar airfield lighting system to be quickly deployed, then kept in position for as long as they are required.

The iSeries Reflective L-853 Taxiway Markers, Portable Distance Remaining and Taxiway Identification Airfield Signs support rapid deployment and temporary use airfield marking applications where electrical infrastructure is not available.


  • Emergency Runway Lighting
  • Medevac Lighting
  • Temporary Runway Lighting
  • Portable Taxiway Lighting
  • Tactical Lighting
  • Portable Taxiway Marking
  • Distance Remaining Signs
  • Taxiway Identification Signs

Portable airfield lighting delivered by Aviation Renewables around the world.

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