Complies with:

  • NAVAIR standards


The LED Medium Intensity Approach Lighting System (MALSR) provides visual guidance to pilots during an instrument landing approach to align it with the centerline of the runway, height perception, roll guidance and horizontal references.

The highly efficient MALSR consists of 2 primary subsystems: Sequence Flashing (SFL) / Runway Alignment Indicator Lights (RAIL) which comprise of five lights that flash in a timed uniform order to add visual guidance down the centerline of the runway, and Steady Burning Array which consist of 9 lightweight barrettes, each with 5 LED light heads. LED optics utilized in the MALSR achieve the lowest power consumption at the required intensity.


  • Configurations: MALSF / MALS / SALS / SSALS / SSALSR / SSALF
  • High performance LED optics to achieve the lowest power consumption at the required intensity to provide critically accurate approach information to the pilot
  • Power options include solar, generator kit, battery kit, AC and constant current
  • Fixed, wireless or manual control options
  • Permanent or portable operations
  • Designed for commercial or military operations
  • Available in a folding portable or permanent frangible version



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