Solar LED Perimeter Lighting

Solar LED Perimeter Lighting


The Solar Series LED Perimeter Lighting is a low-voltage security lighting system comprised of rugged LED luminaires with a designed for use reliable solar power supply. Mounted on fence posts, the LED security lights are simple and quick to install, consuming just a fraction of the energy demand of traditional security lighting. The Solar Series LED Perimeter Lighting can also be used in any LED lighting application where long wire runs are required without the ability to dig or install conduit.


  • Increase security of operations with dusk till dawn high brightness LED lighting
  • Increase safety by allowing efficient nighttime operations
  • Decrease costs with simple installation and zero electricity bills
  • Proven reliability with thousands of installations all over the globe


  • Airport Perimeter LED Fence Lighting
  • Fuel Station Perimeter LED Fence Lighting
  • Airport Parking Lot Perimeter Fence Lighting
  • NAVAID Perimeter Fence Lighting
  • Airport Terminal Perimeter Fence Lighting