Airfield Solar Wind Cone

Airfield Solar Wind Cone

Complies with:

  • ICAO Annex 14 Volume 1, 6th Edition Section 5.1.1.


The Solar Series LED internally lighted permanent wind cone (windsock) is rugged, reliable and the most widely deployed solar windsock in the industry. With NVG compatible LEDs, a patented swivel, all aluminum construction, and convenient counter weighted tilt mechanism the Solar Series LED windsock provides easy installation and quick fabric replacement. Operating in the most rugged conditions from the frozen Antarctic to deserts in the Middle East and Africa to the tropical Caribbean, the Solar Series LED Wind Cone provides true and tested reliable performance.  Solar Series LED windsocks mount on a single concrete platform compared to alternative products that require one platform for the tower and one for the power system and trenching with conduit and cable in between.

Equipped with a 100 watt solar panel, 100 AHr battery and optional frangible mounting system, the Solar Series LED windsock continues to perform flawlessly on all 5 major continents supporting international defence forces, international airports, resource industries, humanitarian aid organizations and oil & gas facilities.  Each solar wind cones can be custom designed for various heights, basket sizes and windsock colours, converted for portable applications, outfitted with visible and infrared obstruction lights and operate with custom radio control frequencies as required. The Solar Series Permanent LED Airfield Wind Cone S3612 model provides an immediate increase to safety of operations for takeoff and landings.


  • Radio Control with covert and overt operating capabilities
  • Internal LED luminaires for visible and infrared lighting
  • Optional visible and infrared LED obstruction lighting
  • Optional fuse bolts for frangibility
  • Patented swivel design for years of trouble free service
  • Stand alone dusk till dawn system with zero maintenance or energy costs
  • Rugged, reliable and proven operation
  • Operates in all environments with the most extensive customer list in the industry
  • 100 watt mono crystalline solar panel
  • 100 AHr lead acid battery
  • Immediate increase to safety of operations for take off and landings
  • Backed by a 3 year product warranty


  • International defense forces (NATO)
  • International airports
  • Humanitarian aid organizations
  • Oil and Gas facilities
  • Private airports and heliports
Airfield Solar LED Wind Cone ICAO Annex 14 Volume 1, 6th Edition Section 5.1.1
Obstruction Light 3 options – No Light, Visible L810, Visible+IR L810
Internal Light 12W cool white LED luminaire
Output 580 lumens at source
Configuration Internally lit
LED Life Expectancy Up to 60,000 hours
Operation Profile Dusk to Dawn
Configuration Counter-weighted Aluminum tilt pole with single concrete base
Overall Height 17’9” standard, custom heights available
Tilt Mechanism Counter-balanced tilt at 4’6”
Swivel Patented maintenance-free sealed aluminum swivel
Mounting Aluminum base plate with 4-bolt pattern for concrete mount. 3⁄4″ hot dipped galvanized anchor bolts
Frangibility Optional ICAO and FAA certified frangible fuse bolt mounting system
Sock Dimensions 36” x 12’
Fabric Polyethylene coated colorfast 4.5oz nylon Orange/White, Solid Orange or custom
Configuration Integrated DC solar charging system
Solar Module 100 Watt poly-crystalline panel
Battery 100 Ahr AGM sealed battery approved for air transport
Charge Controller Sealed precision micro controller with push to test button
Autonomy 5 days or greater, depending on location
RF Controller Optional Radio Frequency Controller for on/off control



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