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Wind Cone (Windsock) - Portable

Wind Cone (Windsock) - Portable


Complies with:

  • ICAO Annex 14 Volume 1, 6th Edition Section 5.1.1

The Solar Series Portable LED Helipad and Airfield Wind Cone (windsock) internally lighted is of the same top construction as the permanent version but with a quick install tripod base and guy wires for emergency services, tactical operations and temporary installations.

With high brightness NVG compatible LEDs, a patented swivel, all aluminum construction, solid tripod mount and deployable guy wires, the internally Lighted Portable LED Wind Cone provides simple installation, reliable service and operates in the most rugged conditions possible.


  • Optional RF control, manual control or infrared LEDs
  • Patented swivel design for years of trouble free service
  • Stand alone dusk till dawn system with zero maintenance or energy costs
  • Rugged, reliable and proven backed by a 3 year product warranty with 1 year battery and fabric warranty
  • 80 watt mono crystalline solar panel
  • 100 AHr lead acid battery
  • Custom heights and windsock dimensions
  • Optional battery only or unlighted custom configurations
  • Immediate increase to safety of operations for take off and landings
  • Operates in all environments with the most extensive customer list in the industry


  • Temporary airfield installations
  • Military covert and tactical operations
  • Emergency services
  • Humanitarian aid
  • Oil and Gas facilities
  • Private airports and heliports

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