Keflavik Airport installs RELM-1200 Runway Light Markers

Keflavik Airport installs RELM-1200 Runway Light Markers

Iceland’s primary international Airport, Keflavik, is using the RELM-1200 Runway Edge Light Markers. The airport runway light markers will be mounted to all elevated Runway, Taxiway and Apron edge lighting in the airport to give greater visibility for snowplow operators and reduce the chance of damage during snow clearing operations.

Reflective Runway Light Markers Installed at Airport

The Reykjavik area experiences an average snowfall of 40cm each winter; consequently, snow clearing operations are a common occurrence. Despite this, the presence of the RELM-1200s directly attached to each light significantly aids visibility. This feature ensures that snow clearing staff can easily identify the light locations, regardless of whether the lights are illuminated or not.

Benefits of the Airport Runway Light Markers

Featuring a stainless steel bracket and spring, the structural components of the RELM-1200 is built to last. As the reflective material degrades over time, replaceable reflective sleeves allow in field service, thereby sustaining reflectivity without unit removal from the light. This allows maintenance staff to keep the reflectivity at the highest levels at a fraction of the cost of replacing the unit.

The RELM-1200 comes in 3 different heights: 18”, 24” and 36”. Users select the height based on snow load and type of snow clearing equipment. Keflavik Airport has elected to use the 36” version to ensure visibility in drifted and piled snow.

Reflective Edge Light Marker Attached to a Taxiway Light

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