Our reflective products require no power and are virtually maintenance free. Our reflective products are used at airfields and helipads around the world.  Large airports are well equipped with effective high-intensity powered lighting systems. However, operators at many of the world’s smaller airfields have long wanted a reliable, low maintenance and cost-effective lighting system.

Decades of experience has proven that our reflective marking systems can provide a quick, cost effective solution to improve safety by enabling nighttime landing operations where the traffic may not justify the cost of a powered lighting system or where the power grid is inconsistent or nonexistent.

Our reflective systems are in use from Antarctica to Northern Canada and have endured conditions and temperature extremes with absolutely no degradation.

Well suited for:

  • Airports that want/need nighttime operational ability but under budget constraints.
  • Supplemental emergency lighting for larger airports
  • Helicopter EMS helipads or industrial mine/logging helipads
  • Military temporary operations


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