LED PAPI System Supplied and Commissioned in Bamyan, Afghanistan by Aviation Renewables


LED PAPI System Supplied and Commissioned in Bamyan, Afghanistan by Aviation Renewables

Application: Solar LED PAPI System for 24/7 Operations


  • Solar Series PAPI
  • Solar Series MAPPS Hybrid Power System


Location: Bamyan Airport, Afghanistan

Date: November 2014


LED PAPI – Aviation Renewables designed, supplied and installed the Solar Series LED PAPI powered by its MAPPS solar power system at a remote airport in Southeast Asia. Aviation Renewables was able to deliver and install the system within 4 weeks of purchase order, meeting the client’s deadlines for funding. As a remote, off-grid location high in the mountains, the airport faced a challenge to provide adequate vertical guidance for the challenging mountainous approach.


This project presented a challenging feature with a fence line located right along the safety zone, thereby requiring a highly efficient solar system to operate the Solar Series LED PAPI while eliminating any other possible alternatives. With the civil works completed, Aviation Renewables completed the installation of the Solar Series LED PAPI’s and MAPPS hybrid power system within two days.


Aviation Renewables designed and provided a versatile navigational aid system, comprised of the Solar Series LED PAPI and the Hybrid MAPPS power systems operated by a ground-based controller for the airport operations. The Precision Approach Path Indicator powered by the Solar Series Hybrid MAPPS ties into the offsite grid power in the event of 24/7 continuous operations, providing the correct glide slope for the pilots. With a remote location and limited communications, a proven solution was installed saving the airport and community significant costs while allowing for more power to the surrounding community.

View the complete Project Report and find more about LED PAPI Lights here.

LED PAPI Systems Supplied and Commissioned at Bamyan Airport in Afghanistan
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