Helipad Lights and Helipad Markers Supplied to Remote Communities

solar LED helipad lighting

Helipad Lights and Helipad Markers Supplied to Remote Communities

Aviation Renewables is supplying helipad marking equipment for MEDEVAC operations in Northern Canada. The Model 336 Retroreflective Helipad Markers with AV70 solar helipad lights have been used at these remote communities for over 15 years with excellent performance. Aviation Renewables is pleased to continue supplying high quality and highly visible helipad markers for MEDEVAC operations.

Solar Helipad Lights and Reflective Helipad Markers Installed in Northern Canada

The Model 336 retroreflective marker uses micro-prismatic reflective sheeting and a large, inclined surface to maximize reflected visible and infrared radiation. As a result, the reflective markers can be seen from several miles back during approach. The pilot is able to see them with both a naked eye and using Night Vision goggles. Notably, the markers offer a passive simplicity that is ideal for remote locations, where access to electricity can be challenging.

Benefits of Solar Helipad Lights

The AV70 solar helipad lights are mounted to the top of the reflective helipad markers and operate dusk to dawn, 365 days/year. The AV70 lights use a steeply angled solar panel to maximize solar collection at higher latitudes in winter. The 17Ahr Nickel Metal Hydride battery delivers sufficient charge to ensure the AV70 works through the winter. The green LEDs are visible by up to 1 mile and add conspicuity to the markers when operating under visible conditions.

Helipad Lighting Solution for MEDEVAC Operations

Aviation Renewables is dedicated to enhance helipad safety, reduce expenses and mitigate carbon emissions. For more information on our Helipad Lights and Helipad Markers within the international aviation industry, please visit www.aviationrenewables.com.

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